HS&E Toolbox

The HSE toolbox is designed for members’ to share their best practices, policies, procedures, programs, and systems with other members’ with the goal improving and enhancing safety and health systems which reduce the potential for incidents, injuries and illnesses.

Please ensure the following is accomplished before you send the file to use for posting on the web page.

  1. Please ensure that the document file has been cleared by your company before you send the file to post on our web page.
  2. Please do not send copyrighted material without including the letter of permission from the author.
  3. The preferred formats for the documents are PDF or Word. If other formats are used, please state so.
  4. Please decide if your document should have a disclaimer statement on it or whether other introductory information may be needed to be included in the document.
  5. Remember that this web page is available to anyone using the internet.
  6. If you would like the document removed from the web page, please email one of the chapter officers and it will be removed within a week of the request.